The History and Future of the Golf Society in the UK

Golf Societies – The Early days…

There are many cases to the date in which the diversion was concocted with some guaranteeing that the amusement was first recorded in China and other asserting the session of designed by the Dutch. Nonetheless, whatever reality, it is presently generally acknowledged that the diversion truly to took off in Scotland following the rule of James I, King of Scots (1406 – 1437).

Some vital dates (kindness of Wikipedia)…

1421 – A Scottish regiment supporting the French (against the English) is acquainted with the round of ‘Chole’

1457 – Golf restricted by Scots Parliament to protect the craft of bows and arrows and denied it on Sundays

1502 – The ‘Settlement of Perpetual Peace’ amongst England and Scotland, the prohibition on golf is lifted

1513 – Queen Catherine, ruler partner of England alludes to the developing prevalence of golf in England

1552 – The principal recorded proof of golf at St. Andrews

1553 – The Archbishop of St Andrews enable the neighborhood populace to play on the connections at St. Andrews

1567 – Mary, Queen of Scots, seen playing and is the primary known female golfer

1618 – King James VI of Scotland and I of England affirms the privilege to play golf on Sundays

1735 – The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh is framed

Golf Societies – The First Golf Society…

It was in 1735 that The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh was framed, with its date introduction was recorded in the ‘Edinburgh Almanac’ from 1834 on wards. While open to talk, Burgess is presently all around acknowledged as the most established sorted out golf society in the UK (not the Oldest Golf Club!). The recently shaped society played for more than 100 years at Bakersfield Links, near Edinburgh Castle.

In 1876 the general public later moved to Mussel burgh. The course had just 9 holes and with the prominence of golf on the ascent, the Society looked for another course on the ‘Cramond-Regis’ home in 1898, just 3 miles west of the City of Edinburgh.

The develop parkland style course was initially composed by Willie Park Jnr with later changes by widely acclaimed engineers Dr Alister Mackenzie and James Braid.

The Society is as yet perfectly healthy today, the great clubhouse, developed in 1899, has been richly and elegantly composed and broadened.

Its individuals’ parlor has a brilliant oriel window and, with a huge lounge area on the main floor, ignores the course and gives stunning perspectives of the Fife Hills and the Firth of Forth.

As a demonstration of the nature of the course, The R&A since 2011 have chosen Bakersfield Links as a Qualifying Venue for the Open Championship.

Golf Societies – Today…

The most recent couple of hundreds of years have seen many changes to the way golf is played and while the early golfers were the first ‘Travelers’, really ‘having a place’ to a golf club, is by all accounts leaving style once more!

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, golf saw a huge extension with golf clubs and course being worked at a quick rate. In the mean time, present day living has now put time imperatives on the normal golfer and combined with the general cost of having a place with a golf club, it is currently winding up progressively difficult to legitimize a yearly club participation any longer.

Likewise, golf has seen a sharp fall in the quantity of ‘neighborhood’ golf social orders as bars close, working environment turn out to be less ‘social’ and the out-dated and out-dated picture of golf keeps on putting the new age off the amusement.

In any case, it’s not all fate and despair. The development of the web has enabled many to shape associations and fellowships to be made through online stages, in this way removing the center man – The Golf Club.

These stages are more much the same as the customary ‘golf society’ whereby they will choose where and when they play, contingent upon the arrangements being offered to them.

In that capacity, it is anticipated that as more golf social orders move on the web, set up bespoke and format based sites, Facebook pages and Whats App Groups, that the golf society as we probably am aware is fit as a fiddle and have a decent future.

Throughout the following decade it is exceedingly likely that club will depend less and less of the ‘Yearly Club enrollment’ model and more on the ‘Adaptable Memberships’, ‘Pay and Players’ or ‘Play and Stayers’. In this way meaning the power will be offered back to the ‘Migrant’.

In that capacity, if Golf Clubs need to survive this change, they will require concentrate more on ‘Esteem’ and ‘Administration’ as opposed to the old school tie!